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Palabra del Ejército Zapatista de Liberación Nacional


Joint CNI and EZLN-CG communiqué on the attack by federal forces against the indigenous community of Santa María Ostula

Joint CNI and EZLN-CG communiqué on the attack by federal forces against the indigenous community of Santa María Ostula


To the Nahua Indigenous Community of Santa María Ostula, Aquila, Michoacán:
To the National and International Sixth:
To the people of Mexico and the World:

July 21, 2015

Given the violent events perpetrated against the indigenous community of Santa María Ostula on July 19, 2015, by a large commando made up of members of the Federal Preventative Police, the Secretary of National Defense, and the Secretary of the Navy in which Ostula community police commander Cemeí Verdía Zepeda was detained, in which federal soldiers murdered, WITH A BULLET TO THE FACE, THE 12-YEAR-OLD CHILD EDILBERTO REYES GARCÍA, and in which the following people were injured: the child Yeimi Nataly Pineda Reyes, 6-years-old; Edith Balbino Vera; Delfino Antonio Alejo Ramos, 17-years-old; Horacio Valladares Manuel, 32-years-old; José Nicodemos Macías Zambrano, 21-years-old; and Melesio Cristino Dirzio, 60-years-old…


The criminal behavior of the above listed military and police bodies and their complicity with organized crime, in this case the Knights Templar, enacted in order to escalate the war of conquest that has been waged for years now against the Nahua indigenous community of Santa María Ostula. The goal of this war of conquest is to occupy the community’s territories in favor of mining and transnational tourist interests, and to punish this community for having dared to take back the land from which they had been displaced and for having defended themselves—by putting into practice their right to live—from organized crime, which today serves as the paramilitary branch of the Mexican State.

The motive for these criminal acts is none other than to advance of the war of capitalist conquest against Ostula and against the originary peoples and indigenous and non-indigenous communities in this country.

Given this, WE DEMAND:

3. Respect for Santa María Ostula’s community lands which foreign mining companies like Ternium—with the support of the bad government in collusion with organized crime—intend to take over, dispossessing the community.
4. The reappearance, alive and well, of the 6 disappeared community members, and the punishment of the intellectual and material authors of the murders of the 33 Ostula community members who have been killed over the last four years in their struggle to defend their land and freedoms.
5. Respect for and guarantee of the continued functioning of the community police of the indigenous community of Santa María Ostula.

Finally, we call upon the international community and the brothers and sisters of the national and international Sixth to stay alert to any happenings that may occur in the territory of the Indigenous Community of Santa María Ostula, joining in solidarity with their struggle and their demands.


July 2015

Never Again a Mexico Without Us

National Indigenous Congress

Indigenous Revolutionary Clandestine Committee—General Command of the EZLN.


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  1. End the Attacks against Indigenous people’s !!!

    Comentario de justine — julio 23, 2015 @ 11:13 am

  2. I can no longer sit back and read without acting about all this violence against the people in Chiapas, to me the REAL people that I support. (not saying that all who feel differently are not human, they are just not sane»)

    Yesterday I watched an old movie called ‘rebellion in Patagonia’..another cold southern American killing field of the working class that wanted a better life.
    Ofcourse this happened all over the world but it pains me every time I see such a thing; good people being slaughtered and opressed by regimes that operate as any Nazi camp would. By violence, fear and making people dependant.

    The government and their puppet groups/political parties should know the world is AWARE about how they (as some landowners, conservatives, fascists and other scum) supports death squads or militaity/police violence and harrasements.

    The history is a long constant attack on these people that do NO harm. And may I be clear that there is nothing wrong with self defense, that is all what the Zapatistas did by claiming their land. Peacefully they tried in every way.
    We want those payed (often indian farmers!?! to know. How can you sell out -white waitresses!- to the filthy rich that tried to kill and wipe out your OWN history and relatives, culture, pride and dignity!? For paying maffia rents?!
    How low can people go, and how cruel can this world get by attacking even teachers, kids, women? But their mean corrupt media manipulation and consultation does not function no more-if it ever really did.
    BE AWARE more people are getting waked up by your own noise.(not the killed students are known facts, people in Europe know what you do against these poeple on Chiapas.)They will not take it in the end. But truth is too, that action is needed now. You waked up many dogs by that awful noise of violence against the people, against freedom.
    Not all of m are looking for tourists shots.
    Know now that people will take action every they can in the world to stop your genocide.

    We will not sit back and watch this happen again in silence. Words will be not good enough to satisfy our anger and will to stop all those carrying out, responsible for such acts of terror against the people of Mexico and in any place in the world. Cause I must say there is enough rotten mess going here as well, as anywhere, because capital and states rule us. While it simply should be truly us.

    They made the people dependant (with waterpipelines etc as mentioned too) They make us braindead by news or commercial sport events and divide the locals by money matters and lies.
    All dirty tricks are being used by any government including the Mexican who seems to be very good at this level of offering massacres and death to all those who oppose, even peacefully.

    Solidarity will be shown soon..without a word.
    Without any doubt.

    Take care and know your being loved by most people in the world. It’s a small group that is after your faillure, remember this, even in more silent times maybe. Their payed puppets ain’t no truth warriors and nothing compared to you and what you do. They are not worthy in any way. That is why we can easily say..go your own way. Let no one take away your land, rights and liberty!

    No Surrender -Holland-

    Peace to the Zapaitsta movement.

    Comentario de Siouxs — julio 23, 2015 @ 1:16 pm

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