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Palabra del Ejército Zapatista de Liberación Nacional


To the workers of the National and International Press

Originally published in Spanish by the Sixth Committee of the EZLN
Translated by irlandesa

Zapatista Army of National Liberation


December 26, 2005

To the workers of the National and International Press:

Ladies and Gentlemen:

In the unlikely event that some of you intend, or possess the obscure object of desire, to cover part of the trip by the self-named «Delegate Zero» (me) through the 32 states of this sorrowful country called Mexico, we are letting you know that, as far as we (the EZLN) are concerned, no special accreditation will be asked for, nor will any informative or disinformative (which do exist, you know) media be barred.

I imagine that most of you will be tethered to the boring election campaigns, already suffering from trying to pull something coherent out of that three ring circus (the polls, don’t think bad thoughts), and you would like to do «something else,» but the relentless editors threaten you that the three nutters thing (poll takers, I repeat) is more important than any «other campaign.» No matter, I understand you and accompany you in your pain (?). But don’t let your heart grow sad. You can always go to the web page to learn about the «Other». And besides, our participation in the «Other» will be very «otherly» and, according to what they tell me, it will be an unengaging passage throughout the Republic, while the election campaigns will excite the passion and enthusiasm of the respectable public (seemingly including those who don’t appear in any poll).

There’s more – so you can see that I’m up to date, I’ll share a «tip» with you: its rumored that Sup-Zero’s trip (to the left and, since it’s the Sup, below, of course) will serve to confirm that the zapatones’ (and Zero’s – round, as Zeros should be) power to convene is at rock-bottom, and they would be making a mistake in not joining in with plaudits to the «favorite victim» (to differentiate it from «favorite villain»). According to trustworthy sources who have asked that their names not be revealed (perhaps because they don’t exist), the self-referenced Zero knows this, and he’s trying to divert himself with the little regional fancies which supposedly abound everywhere in the country. And more, with the neoliberal slogan «fat is beautiful» and the very hick one of «bottled water, no, thick atole, yes,» he’s trying to cut down the flourishing industry of «all included» anorexia.

Hmm. Yes, I know that these «tips» aren’t good enough even for the food section, but we don’t have the budget to pay for commercial announcements in the media (which isn’t so bad, because no one would use us for promoting, for example, diet products).

Now, supposing you manage to convince your bosses to give you even a small space in the inside pages (even if it’s in the «many-X lingerie» section), we’re letting you know that, as regards the press, we will observe the directives decided upon by the compas from the «Other» in each state.

We are recommending that they not exclude anyone (besides, I don’t believe there will be much press), and that they just ask you to respect the times and places that are put at your disposal. Although we are quite aware of all your good behavior, maturity and restraint, we believe all the «Other» should confirm this.

Anyway, I’m letting you know that I will be leaving on January 1, 2006 (which is, as is public and well-known, a year which began at least in January of 2004) from the Caracol of La Garrucha in the morning. In the afternoon-evening of that first day, the zapatistas of the EZLN and compas from the «Other» will hold an event in San Cristóbal de Las Casas. On January 2, 2006 the tour of Mexico will formally begin in that same city. We will continue from there, and, «with a few kilos more» (I hope), we will return at the end of June, still in 2006.

On another issue, don’t think we have ignored the requests for interviews which some of you have sent. What is happening is that it’s better for me to let some time go by in order to reconsider, because it’s certainly not of any interest to any polling firm now, and even less so once the «Christmas truce» is over.

Vale. Salud and, since it’s almost certain that I won’t be seeing anything more than your signatures (if they’re used) in your articles, reports and photos about the election polls, I’ll lie a bit to you: I will miss you.

From the mountains of the Mexican Southeast

The Alleged Sub Delegado Zero (below and to the left) of the Sixth Committee of the
Zapatista Army of National Liberation

SupMarcos, belching self-confidently after knocking back a «Marcos’ Very Heavy Pozol Reloaded» (note: the recipe is secret, but it packs a lot of «punch»)

Mexico, December of 2005


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