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Palabra del Ejército Zapatista de Liberación Nacional


EZLN anuncia disolución del FZLN (English translation)

Communiqué from the Clandestine Revolutionary Indigenous Committee – General Command of the Zapatista Army of National Liberation


November 20, 2005

To the People of Mexico:
To the Peoples of the World:
Brothers and Sisters, Compañeros and Compañeras:

The CCRI-CG of the EZLN speaks its word:

First – In 1996, in its Fourth Declaration of the Selva Lacandona, the EZLN called for the formation of the Zapatista Front of National Liberation (FZLN), a political, civil and peaceful organization, that would not fight for power and which would strive to build a new way of doing politics. At that time we thought that the end of the war was approaching, and we would be able to move on to open political struggle in the FZLN. It was not like that, the bad governments continued their war against us, and we have continued resisting since then. Even though it was without our direct participation, many men and women from all over Mexico (and even from other countries) entered the FZLN, and, complying with the principle of not fighting for power, endeavored to build a new way of doing politics throughout these almost 10 years.

Second – This year, in 2005, the EZLN issued the Sixth Declaration of the Selva Lacandona with a series of initiatives which included a group of zapatistas from the EZLN leaving in order to engage in open, civil and peaceful political work in the «Other Campaign.» A new stage was thus opened in the zapatista struggle for democracy, liberty and justice for Mexico, and a few changes are necessary in order to fully achieve it.

Third – At the end of October of this year of 2005, a delegation from the CCRI-CG of the EZLN met with some members of the Zapatista Front of National Liberation and asked them to consult with all the compañeros and compañeras from the Frente concerning the possibility of dissolving the organic structure of the FZLN and returning to the EZLN the name of that political, civil, zapatista organization, whose origin and ends had been called for by the EZLN.

The purpose was to leave the EZLN free to reestablish a zapatista, civil and peaceful organization which, ratifying the principles articulated in the Fourth Declaration, will incorporate those put forth in the Sixth Declaration of the Selva Lacandona (anti-capitalist and of the left), with the good achieved by the FZLN in its 10 years of life, trying to avoid the errors and defects which occurred in its work, and now with the direct participation of zapatistas from the EZLN.

Fourth – A few days ago the FZLN finished its internal consultation, and the majority of the compañeros agreed to break up, returning the name of the «FZLN» to the EZLN, and to await the call for the reestablishment of the Zapatista Front of National Liberation with new principles, requirements, regulations, structure and objectives. They so communicated this to the EZLN.

Fifth – Learning of this decision, the Clandestine Revolutionary Indigenous Committee – General Command of the EZLN, is informing the people of Mexico and the peoples of the world that, as of Friday, November 25, 2005, the Zapatista Front of National Liberation, sister organization of the EZLN, will cease to exist, and no one shall be able to use its name for any purpose, no matter how kindhearted it might appear or be. At the express request of the EZLN, some Frentistas will be forming a transition committee in charge of conveying all the FZLN’s works and assets to the EZLN’s Sixth Committee.

Sixth – The EZLN appreciates and recognizes the effort and sacrifice of those compañeros and compañeras of the Frente who carried with dignity the name of «zapatistas», honoring the civil and peaceful brotherhood with the EZLN and who carried themselves in accordance with the principles which encouraged our just struggle. The indigenous rebel communities, now organized in the MAREZ’ and Good Government Juntas, had the unconditional support of the Frentistas throughout this time. There was no moment of suffering, anguish or danger when the FZLN was not at the side of the EZLN. Because of that, in the name of the women, men, children and old ones of the EZLN, we give you our most sincere thanks.

Seventh – There were, it is true, those who used the FZLN and its closeness to the EZLN for their own benefit, in order to hurt others, in order to isolate it and isolate us, in order to take power through personal rivalries and useless fights, as a platform for individual or small group prominence and in order to feign commitment where there was nothing but a comfortable position. In addition to those which correspond to itself, the EZLN assumes as its own those errors which, under the flag of civil zapatismo, have been committed by the FZLN. As the EZLN, we are publicly apologizing to all men and women who have felt hurt by actions, words or inattention.

Eighth – A new stage of civil zapatismo is beginning. We will now be making – along with those persons who demonstrate, through attitude and work, that they so want to – a new political zapatista organization, civil and peaceful, anti-capitalist and of the left, which will not fight for power and which will strive to build a new way of doing politics. The same destination towards which we have been going by parallel paths up until now.

Ninth – This new organization will be born being led directly by the Sixth Committee of the EZLN, admission to it will be only upon express invitation, and it will be particularly strict in seeing that zapatista principles are carried out, always imposing ethics above pragmatic considerations.

Tenth – The EZLN’s Sixth Committee will, with this organization, draw up the form and paint the zapatista color in the multicolored embroidery of the «Other Campaign.»


From the mountains of the Mexican Southeast

By the Clandestine Revolutionary Indigenous Committee – General Command of the Zapatista Army of National Liberation

Subcomandante Insurgente Marcos

Mexico, November of 2005



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