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Palabra del Ejército Zapatista de Liberación Nacional


“Puy ta Cuxlejaltic” Film Festival Program

“Puy ta Cuxlejaltic” Film Festival Program

Sixth Commission of the EZLN



October 2018


Program Schedule for the “Puy ta Cuxlejaltic” Film Festival


Note: Due to causes beyond our control, the dates for this first festival will be extended to November 9, 2018.


Film schedule by category:


Category: Can you dig it?

Special Section: “A Neighborhood of City Folk in the Mountains of the Mexican Southeast”


Roma. Directed by Alfonso Cuarón



Category: To Fall and Get Back Up Again


Bayoneta. Directed by Kyzza Terrazas


Rudo y Cursi [Rough and Corny].  Directed by Carlos Cuarón


Batallas Íntimas.  Directed by Lucía Gajá


No les pedimos un viaje a la luna.  Directed by María del Carmen de Lara



Category: Dreaming Reality


Érase una vez [Once Upon A Time]. Directed by Juan Carlos Rulfo


Ana y Bruno. Directed by Carlos Carrera


Tobías.  Directed by Francisca D´Acosta and Ramiro E. Pedraza


Carrizos.  Directed by Dinazar Urbina


Niños Héroes.  Directed by Itzel Martínez


El Laberinto del Fauno [Pan’s Labyrinth]  Directed by Guillermo del Toro


El Patio de mi casa.  Directed by Carlos Hagerman


Future PastFin de, Coapan sin tiempo Carnaval. Directed by Federico Cuatlacuatl


Aquí sigo [Still Here].  Directed by Lorenzo Hagerman


El sonar de las olas [The Sound of Waves]. Directed by Vanessa Ortega C


Amor, nuestra prisión [Love, Our Prison].  Directed by Carolina Corral



Special Section: For the Kids


Niñ@s del llano encantado. Colectivo Ojo de Agua Comunicación.


Saludos desde San Juan Evangelista Analco La Caléndula Audiovisual and Ojo de Agua Comunicación.


Ololetic Ya Vits Tan.  Directed by María Sojob


Video carta desde Chicahuaxtla.  Colectivo Ojo de Agua



Category: The Storm 


No sucumbió la eternidad [Eternity Never Surrendered]. Directed by Daniela Rea


Hasta los dientes [Armed to the Teeth]. Directed by Alberto Arnaut


Artemio.  Directed by Sandra Luz


Rush Hour.  Directed by Luciana Kaplan


Tierra de Impunidad.  Directed by Diego Osorno y Luciano Gorriti


La Tempestad.  Directed by Tatiana Huezo


Silvestre.  Directed by Santiago Mohar Volkow


Los reyes del pueblo que no existe [Kings of Nowhere]Betzabé García


Los débiles [The Weak Ones].  Directed by Raúl Rico y Eduardo Giralt


El futuro en nuestras manos.  Directed by Sara Oliveros



Category: Yesterday, Today  


Reed, México Insurgente (restored).  Directed by Paul Leduc


El Grito (restored).  Directed by Leobardo López Aretche


Diarios en Motocicleta [The Motorcycle Diaries].  Directed by Walter Salles



Category: Resistance and Rebellion 


Juban Wajin.  Colectivo Tlachinollan and La Sandía Digital


El secreto de la belleza. Directed by Néstor Jiménez


El Desafío Indígena.  Directed by Inti Cordera


El Maíz en Tiempos de Guerra [Maize in Time of War].  Directed by Alberto Cortés


Del Oriente / Laboratorio Experimental de Cine.  Faro Oriente and Faro Aragón


Cherán. Tila y Ostula.  SubVersiones


Yoo´oram luturia and Comcaac quih yaza quih iicp cöismatoomlam quih

La Marabunta Filmadora. Yoemem * Comcaac * Raramuri


La Tercera Raíz [The Third Root].  Directed by Camilo Nu


Los hijos del jaguar [Children of the Jaguar].  Directed by Eriberto Benedicto Gualinga Montalvo


La Antigua: Sangre que nutre.  Espora Kolectivo


La Frágil Armada [The Fragile Armada].  Directed by Jacques Kebadian and Joani Hocquenghem


Los rebeldes.  Directed by Jacques Kebadian and Michel Andrieux


Petites historias das criancas.  Directed by Gabriele Salvadores, Guido Lazzarini, Fabio Scamoni


Slikebal: el comienzo.  Directed by Bernardino López



Special Section: Ixmucané


500 años [500 years]. Directed by Pamela Yates


Mujer. Se va la vida compañera.  Directed by Mariana Rivera


KoltavanejDirected by Concepción Suárez


Mujeres que Luchan.  Koman Ilel


La Candidata Imposible. Directed by Rodrigo Hernández and Elpida Nikou


GiraVideoastas de la Frontera Sur


Las mujeres que luchan.  Directed by Rocío Martínez Ts´ujul


Hilo de la memoria.  Directed by Mariana Rivera


Semillas de Guamuchil.  Directed by Carolina Corral



Category: Sing, Weave, Dance, Play, Share Your Memories


A morir a los desiertos. Directed by Marta Ferrer


Nuestra música.  Directed by Humberto Gómez Pérez


Inocencia y Latzi Duu.  Campamento Audiovisual Itinerante


La Comunidad del Oído Atento. Directed by Gabriela Domínguez Ruvalcaba


Oscar Chávez, Chiapas.  Directed by Modesto López



Category: Meanwhile, Up Above…  

Special Section: The Fourth Transformation…of a Film

The secretary: “Smile, Sir, I’ve brought you your new jacket and it’s a beauty [PRIMOR]”1

The boss: “What color is it this time?”2


La Ley de Herodes [Herod’s Law].  Directed by Luis Estrada


Un mundo maravilloso [A Wonderful World].  Directed by Luis Estrada


El Infierno [Hell].  Directed by Luis Estrada


La Dictadura Perfecta [The Perfect Dictatorship].  Directed by Luis Estrada



Special Section: The Rich Are In Debt, Too


Las Niñas Bien [The Good Girls].  Directed by Alejandra Márquez



Special Section: Thieves Stealing from Thieves 

La piedra ausente [The Absent Stone].  Directed by Sandra Rozental y Jesse Lerner


Museo [Musuem].  Directed by Alonso Ruizpalacios



Category: Neither Forgiven Nor Forgotten  

Special Section: A Wound Called Ayotzinapa


El paso de la Tortuga.  Directed by Enrique García Meza


Nos faltan.  Directed by Lucía Gajá y Emilio Ramos



Category: We Salute You Always   

A Desalambrar con Daniel VigliettiDirected by Jorge Denti



Category: A Look in the Mirror  


Spajel Cuxlejalil  (Comparing Lives).

Documentary in Tzeltal, with Spanish subtitles.  Los Tercios Compas.3


Lak Tatucho’b yi’k’oty lak chuchu´tyi finca (Our Ancestors on the Plantations).

Documentary in Chol, with Spanish subtitles.  Los Tercios Compas.


Muku Shämbal  (Walking in Silence).

Documentary in Chol, with Spanish subtitles.  Los Tercios Compas.


Yoyal xkuxlej stuk jteklum xchi´uk xkuxlejik sviniktak chopol ajualil. (The Pillar of Automony and the Lives of Political Party Followers). Documentary in Tzotzil and Spanish.  Los Tercios Compas.




Important Advisory: The First “Puy Ta Cuxlejaltic” (“Caracol of Our Life”) Film Festival has been principally and purposefully planned for the Zapatista originary peoples—for
their gaze, and for the gaze of invited guests who work in fiction and documentary film. In light of this, theater space in the “Emiliano Zapata 3D Children’s Theater” (three directions that is—three
screens in the same theater, but each facing different directions) with its 1800 seats, and space in the “Comandanta Ramona Theater”-DCP with Dolby Sound-(yeah, I don’t know what that means either but they
said you can hear and see the film really well, and the equipment is on loan—just for the festival—from Alfonso Cuarón and the production and technical teams from the film “
Roma”) are preferentially reserved for Zapatista women, men, children, and elders as well as for invited guests. In other words, Zapatista compas take their seats first, along with guests, and then if there is space left others may come in (and to be honest, this is unlikely because during at least the first few days
we’re expecting a Zapatista audience of at least 4,000 masked


But don’t worry, because there is also the “Maya Cinema on Foot” (no cars allowed) which is an open air theater and holds 10,000 movie goers. Showings depend, of course,
on whether or not it’s raining and must begin after dark, so this mega-theater is only used after 6pm.


Also, thanks to the support of artists in the city, there will be music, theater, dance, photo exhibits, and story-telling in various pavilions around the “Maya Cinema on Foot”.

Given the above, you can decide if you want to stop by or if you prefer to wait until the films are shown at the CIDECI-UniTierra in San Cristóbal de las Casas, Chiapas,
on their own program schedule.


During the festival, access to the caracol of Oventik will be restricted to invited guests and registered attendees. Access to CIDECI is permitted for registered attendees.


In order to register to attend, please send your information to:


From “Maya Cinema on Foot (no cars allowed)” (FYI it’s the basketball court)

From the Sixth Commission of the EZLN.



El Sup Galeano in his “why stop now” mode, clutching a barrel of popcorn.

Wha? I mean, what if they run out when it’s actually time for the movies? Better eat up now.

Plus, I’m pissed they didn’t include La Nave de los Monstruos [The Ship of Monsters, 1960] in the festival, can you imagine. Ajúa!

Mexico, October 2018



“Snow-White.” Blanca nieves.  Dave Fleischer. 1933. 7 min. Animation Director: Roland C. Crandall. Rotoscoping animation technique. Voices by Mae Questel and Cab Calloway.



 “Rear Window”.  Alfred Hitchcock.  1954. First 7 min.  Starring James Stewart, Grace Kelly, Wendell Corey and Thelma Ritter.  Writing
credits: John Michael Hayes. Cinematography: Robert Burks. Editing: George Tomassini. Constume Design: Edith Head. Makeup:  Wally Westmore. Sound: Harry Lindgren and John Cope. Art Director: Hal Pereira and Joshep MacMillan
Jhonson.  Set: Sam Comer and Ray Moyer.  Assistant Director: Herbert Coleman.  Music: Franz Waxman.



Collage of movie posters for “La Nave de los Monstruos” [The Ship of Monsters]. Rogelio A. González. 1960. An international science fiction classic and cult film. Starring Eulalio González “El Piporro”, Ana Bertha Lepe and Lorena Velázquez. 


1  PRIMOR is a play on words which could be read as “elegance” or could reference
the author’s use of the term in a previous communique which combines the abbreviations PRI and López Obrador’s MORENA. The EZLN is mocking the idea promoted by Lopez Obrador supporters that his ascent to
power constitutes Mexico’s “Fourth Transformation”, suggesting instead that López Obrador’s victory may signal a fourth transformation, not of Mexico but of the PRI.

2  A reference to the different colors which identify the various political parties in Mexico.

3  The Tercios Compas are media teams from within the Zapatista communities.


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